META Joins 501c3 Players for the Planet to Bring Sustainable Technology Solutions to Sporting Venues Across the Globe

“Bryan Ingram and the META team are world class leaders who integrate sustainable solutions seamlessly into their daily lives. Their global experience and expertise in strategic business management, global innovation strategies, and public-private partnerships will strengthen Players for the Planet’s ability to take innovation to scale and increase our impact around the world.”
— Chris Dickerson, Players for the Planet Co-Founder

Players for the Planet, a 501c3 organization based in California has appointed META CEO Bryan Ingram to their Board as of July, 2016 and will be serving as their Strategic Affairs Officer. 

Players for the Planet was founded by former Major League Baseball players Chris Dickerson of the Baltimore Orioles and Jack Cassel. Players for the Planet believes the greening of the world must take place in all types of venues. Thus, the organization has dedicated its resources and the talents of the professional athletes who support its mission to educate all involved in youth, amateur and professional sports on how best to adopt environmental practices that will preserve the playing fields and stadiums where we all enjoy playing and watching sports.

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