META Collective evolves business name to META Alliance

Meta Collective is changing its name to Meta Alliance.

“Meta" is derived from its use as a prefix, denoting, according to Google Dictionary:

(1) a change of position or condition, as in "metamorphosis";

(2) position behind, after, or beyond, as in "metacarpus";

(3) something of a higher or second-order kind, as in "metalanguage".

“Alliance" signifies bonds of mutual benefit among global leaders.

Our Alliance encompasses public and private partnerships in policy and technology, created to ensure our global infrastructure is built on continued innovation for the longevity of our global ecosystem.

Alliances have carried a political and military weight historically, as countless examples recall the role they have played in both instigating wars and, conversely, working for peace.

Meta Alliance is apolitical and inclusive, based on bonds of mutual benefit that we believe all citizens of the global ecosystem can agree on.

Many of us have observed in the political, social and economic landscapes a sea of reactionary and short-sighted decisions based on an underlying deficit mentality. This viewpoint assumes:

(1) There is a shortage of resources and solutions to re-think the way our planet functions and restore balance to quality of life.

(2) Individual attempts to solve this perceived shortage will make no difference.

The Meta Alliance takes a different approach:

(1) There is no shortage of resources or solutions. In fact, we have at our fingertips the tools of innovation, science, engineering, health, and political thought to design a future that is inherently regenerative and equitable.

(2) We are all citizens of the global ecosystem. The future of our planet and our quality of life is in our hands. It is the responsibility of each of us to identify our principles and participate in the change.

We call ourselves Meta because our approach is a marked change from the prevailing deficit mentality, and we take the long view to our intended ends. We look beyond short-sighted band-aids for global challenges to solutions founded on paradigm shifts. We look beyond wars bred from shortages, to harnessing and engineering for regenerative power. We look beyond ourselves to our ability to build the global ecosystem.

New Projects slated in 2018 for Dominican Republic Regenerative Infrastructure Development in Partnership with Nelson Cruz of the Seattle Mariners

Nelson Cruz with META CEO Bryan Ingram

Nelson Cruz with META CEO Bryan Ingram

August 27, 2017 - Good Magazine

Nelson Cruz of the Seattle Mariners is already known for mashing the offerings of opposing pitchers as consistently as anyone in Major League Baseball. The 2014 home run king has only improved on his long ball totals since signing a four-year contract with Seattle before the 2015 season. But it’s his off-the-field contributions that may be even more prolific.

After years of contributing philanthropic resources both in the United States and his Dominican hometown of Las Matas de Santa Cruz, he launched his Boomstick23 Foundation in 2016. In one of the foundation’s first initiatives, Cruz led a medical drive that attended to the needs of more than 1,200 patients. Here he explains where that philanthropic spirit comes from and why it’s important.

...We are collaborating with Players For The Planet and META Collective to bring sustainable infastructure to Las Matas. We have a lot of needs but because I live there I know exactly what we need. One of the things I first started doing was trying to find a fire truck because we didn’t have one there. In 2012, I started looking around, trying to buy one. I even looked online, and the price was too high. Back then, I was talking to the Texas Rangers’ foundation, and they found a guy who owned fire trucks. We made contact with them, and then I was also able to find two ambulances. I gave one to San Francisco de Macoris and one to my hometown. Everything really started with that, but I always do stuff in the community.

META Welcomes Daniel Nash to the Team as its Director of Engineering

Oregon native Daniel Nash comes from a diverse background in engineering and the applied sciences. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, he attended The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York city, where he obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree summa cum laude in mechanical engineering. While in New York, Daniel's undergraduate and extracurricular pursuits included aerospace engineering, neuroscience and neuroengineering, and ocean wave energy innovation.

Mr. Nash now lives in Venice, CA, originally brought to southern California by Space Exploration Technologies, Inc. (SpaceX). At SpaceX, Daniel served as the Responsible Engineer in Avionics of electronic systems including the Falcon 9 launch vehicle upper stage and the Merlin-D vacuum rocket engine, specializing in electronics design and integration, system fault tolerance, and HIL simulation. Nash was also on a team of SpaceX engineers and NASA scientists that was awarded the NASA Spaceflight Awareness Team Award for their work on radiation mitigation for the Jason-3 mission.

Mr. Nash currently consults for META as the Director of Engineering,  reviewing and making recommendations on its technology solutions and partnerships with an emphasis on mechanical and electrical engineering and is focused on identifying and implementing game-changing technologies and advancements in space accessibility, neurotech,  and energy.

Bonnie Lind, Former Renewable Energy Specialist for State of Nevada Joins META

META Alliance is delighted to welcome Bonnie Lind to fill the executive role as its Director of Energy, Sustainability, and Food Security. 

Previously Lind was the Renewable Energy Industry Specialist with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). While at GOED Lind was the Industry lead on the Tesla Gigafactory team and the lead on the SolarCity corporate expansion of 1,500 people into Las Vegas. She is also the Co-Founder of the Indoor Agriculture conference in Las Vegas. Before joining GOED, she was Director of Asset Management for First Wind, a utility scale wind power business with projects spanning from Maui to Maine. 

Lind began her career working in the Global Power group at Lehman Brothers in Europe, where among other projects she represented the Dutch buyer of 800 MW of wind energy in Spain. Ms. Lind returned to California and worked for MWH as an Environmental Scientist. After earning her MBA, Lind joined Southern California Edison’s Energy Planning group and then served as the company’s Manager of Community Involvement and was responsible for $20 million in annual giving and 450,000 hours of community service.  Lind is concurrently the VP Business Development for Apparent, Inc. where she is helping to commercialize the energy management system, create and expand partnership opportunities, and source project financing. 

META Joins 501c3 Players for the Planet to Bring Sustainable Technology Solutions to Sporting Venues Across the Globe

“Bryan Ingram and the META team are world class leaders who integrate sustainable solutions seamlessly into their daily lives. Their global experience and expertise in strategic business management, global innovation strategies, and public-private partnerships will strengthen Players for the Planet’s ability to take innovation to scale and increase our impact around the world.”
— Chris Dickerson, Players for the Planet Co-Founder

Players for the Planet, a 501c3 organization based in California has appointed META CEO Bryan Ingram to their Board as of July, 2016 and will be serving as their Strategic Affairs Officer. 

Players for the Planet was founded by former Major League Baseball players Chris Dickerson of the Baltimore Orioles and Jack Cassel. Players for the Planet believes the greening of the world must take place in all types of venues. Thus, the organization has dedicated its resources and the talents of the professional athletes who support its mission to educate all involved in youth, amateur and professional sports on how best to adopt environmental practices that will preserve the playing fields and stadiums where we all enjoy playing and watching sports.

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META Collective Welcomes Ian Welch as a Partner

Los Angeles, California - META Alliance, a global transitional infrastructure management firm, is proud to welcome Ian Welch to its team as a Partner in Middle East Strategic Affairs.  Mr. Welch brings a track record of success in establishing meaningful global partnerships with an emphasis on emerging technology. 

At the age of 21, Ian passed his Series 7 and began a career as a Financial Advisor.  After initially focusing on equities, Mr. Welch moved to municipal bonds, partnering with Anderson Wealth Management Group / Raymond James.  AWMG manages $400M in individual municipal bonds with a  niche in high net worth clients seeking to maximize tax-free income.  At AWMG Mr. Welch led a 4-person team tasked with research, trading and allocation of bonds to retail accounts.  As the head of Business Development, Ian handled all efforts for client acquisition and strategic partnerships.   Mr. Welch is Series 7, 8, 63, 66 licensed. 

For 5 years, Mr. Welch was a licensed Real Estate Salesperson for Ritz-Carlton Development Company.  Initially the position entailed the sell out of $1 billion of residence, memberships at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa, Jupiter Florida.  At the completion of the Jupiter project Ian was invited to the startup team for the build out of RCC Kapualu Maui.  His position transitioned to Business Development, however he continued to be a producing sales agent.  Ian left RCDC prior to the 2008 market crash and achieved at the time the highest volume production of any sales person with Marriott worldwide with $60M in volume. 

In 2015, Ian moved to Palo Alto, California as Director of Business Development for Wrightspeed.  Wrightspeed develops electric powertrains for heavy-duty trucking.  Founded by the co-founder of Tesla, Wrightspeed is quickly becoming a global player in the electrification of the trucking industry.  At WS Ian managed $15M Series E to closing, initiated $28.6M powertrain deal with NZ Bus.  As with any startup, Ian filled in as Marketing Manager and oversaw the entire PR effort. 

Personally, Mr. Welch had quadruple bypass surgery in 2011 at the age of 40.  The experience transformed his life.  He and his wife embarked on restoring his health and in the process Ian wrote a book and maintain; a blog visited by over 100k people who have followed a similar path. 

Above all, Ian values his family.  He and his wife have two young boys and every day with them is a gift.  He hopes his efforts improve the lives of the next generation that will be leading us into the next great chapter for Humanity. 

META Collective hosts Delegation from the General Secretariat of the Executive Council (GSEC) of Abu Dhabi in San Francisco

Brock Leach, CEO of Urban Till;  Bonnie Lind, former Head of Economic Development for the State of Nevada & Bryan Ingram, Founder of META Alliance had the pleasure of meeting with the General Secretariat of the Executive Council (GSEC) of Abu Dhabi this morning to discuss the future-proofing of Abu Dhabi's Economy. The Delegation included members from the Business Support Sector, Economic Development, Social Development, Infrastructure and Environment Sector, Security, Justice and Safety as well as the Office of Strategic Affairs. The GSEC Delegation traveled to the Bay Area in an effort to understand how to foster entrepreneurs and innovation to lead the diversification of the Abu Dhabi economy. Some of the other meetings included: Facebook, Google, Wrightspeed, and the San Francisco Mayor’s Office.