“Alliance" signifies bonds among global leaders of mutual benefit. These alliances demonstrate we are stronger together. 

Our Alliance encompasses public and private partnerships in policy and technology that ensure our global infrastructure is built on continued innovation for the purpose of longevity.

“Meta" derives from the prefix meaning "that which precedes", or “before." "Meta" has come to stand on its own to signify change; transformation; the future; beyond; a self-aware perception. Many of us have observed in the political, social and economic landscapes a sea of reactionary and short-sighted decisions based on an underlying deficit mentality. This viewpoint assumes: (1) There is a shortage of resources and solutions to rebuild our planet and restore balance to quality of life. (2) Most people’s actions will make no difference in attempts to solve this perceived shortage.

The Meta Alliance is taking a different stance: (1) There is no shortage of resources or solutions. In fact, we have at our fingertips the weapons of science, engineering, healthcare, and political thought to design a future that is inherently regenerative and equitable. (2) We are all citizens of the global ecosystem. The future of our planet and our quality of life is in our hands. It is the responsibility of each of us to identify our principles and participate in the change.

We call ourselves Meta because we take the long view to these ends; we look beyond short-sighted bandaids to global challenges to paradigm shifts. We look beyond fighting wars bred from shortages to harnessing and engineering for regenerative power. We look beyond ourselves to our ability to build the global ecosystem.


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